Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Decieve a Webfilter With a URL Shortner

This is not foolproof but I have had it get me out of a jam... Sometimes I will have a web filter that is blocking me from downloading something like an admin/security tool and I either don't have access to the web filter appliance or am tired of trying to make the web filter appliance behave. (They can be really finicky, sometimes!!) One trick I have found that has helped me out when I am in a big hurry is to download a file is to use a URL shortner. Strangely enough, I've seen multiple brands of web filter appliances that weren't smart enough to deal with this. What I will do is simply copy the actual download URL to the file and put it in something like Then I use the new URL and quite often, the web filter lets it get by! Joy!

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the tip- I've needed this before, but never thought of it. :)


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