Friday, May 18, 2012

AVG Free antivirus for Linux

Yeah, I know there isn't a huge need for an antivirus on Linux, but I wanted to have something besides ClamAV for scanning infected USB drives, etc. So I installed AVG Free, which I have been very pleased with. If you 'd like to try it, you can download AVG Free for a few different Linux distros here:

On a Red Hat-based OS, you can install the RPM by running a command like this:

sudo rpm -ivh avg2012flx-r1786-a4748.i386.rpm

(The i option is for installing, v is for verbosity and h is for a status bar comprised of hash marks.)

After you have it installed, be sure to update your definitions using:

sudo avgupdate

Take a look at the man page for full details, but here is a typical command with my personal favorite set of options:

sudo avgscan -auHd /replace/this/with/your/desired/path

And here's what these options do:

a = Scan inside archives
u = Automatically move infected object to vault
H = Use heuristics for scanning
d = Verbose mode. Multiple -d options increase verbosity. Maximum of 3 options is allowed.

Don't forget, options are case-sensitive! Also, by default avgscan scans recursively through all directories in the path specified unless you specify otherwise. See the man page for details.

I have had very good success with AVG Free for Linux and use it often for scanning USB drives that were inserted into a potentially infected Windows box so have fun!

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  1. Hey, thanks! I used AVG Free when I was on Windows, but it never even crossed my mind that it might be available for Linux. Downloading now! :)


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